It’s not about you

In a nutshell, that’s Fr. Barron’s reflection for today – a simple truth that seems so alien to the Western world nowadays.

It was much easier to remember this truth growing up back home, when people were very much aware that they were but a small part of life and not the center of it, where people thought nothing of sacrificing for another, where people could smile, even laugh, through difficult times, knowing that Someone else was in control, where piety was palpable – not a blind piety, but one borne of a trusting loving relationship with Someone worthy of it all. photo (6) - CopyPR

I used to think it impossible to teach that kind of thinking to the youth of today, so far away from “home”. But no more.

Last Friday I found myself in a church with our daughters and about 15 other young girls and their moms, praying the Stations of the Cross. It was a cold but sunny afternoon – one where they could have easily chosen something else to do, someone else to spend it with. Yet there they chose to be. Just like back home, they too knew: life is not about you.

A blessed Holy Week to you all.



3 thoughts on “It’s not about you

    1. Yes, ironic and sad – the price of Westernization maybe? Or simply the scourge of relativism. But we do what we can, where we are, with the gifts we’ve been given, in faith. God bless!


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