Pinoy Camp – Palayoks, kalans, and pottery wheels

Our big craft for the week involved making (rather, trying to make) clay cooking sets just like the one in the book, Araw Sa Palengke – a wonderful book featuring adorable drawings and a heartwarming story about the Filipino culture and the relationship between Nanay and her anak (child).

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More Pinoy Camp fun – and skills

Every day this week has dawned bright and sunny – just like back home.

It has been quite windy too, perfect for some saranggola (kite) fun. The little ones don’t even stop when the wind dies down – they simply run around tirelessly with their saranggola soaring above them.DSC_1731crop - CopyPRau

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A small world after all

The other day, we attended a picnic for Young Filipino-American families at a park, organized by Venessa of the Filipino School of New York and New Jersey.

As if on cue, the weather obliged us with a near-Philippine high of 94 degrees. And yet, unfazed by the sweltering heat, we all stayed for at least a couple of hours, sharing Pinoy food, games, and pagsasamahan (fellowship) – perhaps just a tiny bit envious of the kids who donned swimsuits to cool off in the park’s water splash area.

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