The Necessity of Leisure

Though we’ve enjoyed the cooler nighttime temperatures this past week, it is nevertheless a sobering reminder that the end of summer is drawing near. Soon enough, we’ll bid a wistful farewell to warm leisurely days and buckle down for the cooler more structured days of fall…

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Pinoy Camp – Palayoks, kalans, and pottery wheels

Our big craft for the week involved making (rather, trying to make) clay cooking sets just like the one in the book, Araw Sa Palengke – a wonderful book featuring adorable drawings and a heartwarming story about the Filipino culture and the relationship between Nanay and her anak (child).

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A small world after all

The other day, we attended a picnic for Young Filipino-American families at a park, organized by Venessa of the Filipino School of New York and New Jersey.

As if on cue, the weather obliged us with a near-Philippine high of 94 degrees. And yet, unfazed by the sweltering heat, we all stayed for at least a couple of hours, sharing Pinoy food, games, and pagsasamahan (fellowship) – perhaps just a tiny bit envious of the kids who donned swimsuits to cool off in the park’s water splash area.

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Foodie Quest: Week 4

Because Pinoys are foodies – and we hope our kids will be, too! 😉

Discoveries of the Week:

IMG_8466auto-crop4 - CopyPR1) Cauliflower sinangag (garlic rice) – Steamed cauliflower ground up in a food processor looks like rice! Tried it in sinangag but would definitely add soy sauce (or coconut aminos) next time – the cauliflower taste proved too much for the kids – and make cauliflower fried “rice” instead.

2) Cocoa “tabliya” (tablets) – Pure unadulterated cocoa, shaped like large coins. IMG_8441crop-3A - CopyPRBesides Milo, this was our favorite hot chocolate drink growing up. Most brands have whey in it, and taste awful, but this doesn’t – bought in the Philippines, this pack was unearthed from the back of our pantry. Yey! (Would love to find a place to buy this brand in the U.S!)

3) Sweet potato noodles – DSC_0972crop2A-3 - CopyPRSpiralized a sweet potato for the first time and sauteed it in butter. Yum!

4) Sinangag-stuffed grape leaves  Using wild grape leaves foraged from the previous week, the plan was to make dolmas. But we lacked ingredients so it ended up more like stuffed sinangag (garlic rice) grape leaves – delicious!

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