Pinoy Camp 2015 is in session!

Our 5th annual at-home Pinoy Camp started on Monday! Yehey! 😉

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Foodie Quest: Week 4

Because Pinoys are foodies – and we hope our kids will be, too! 😉

Discoveries of the Week:

IMG_8466auto-crop4 - CopyPR1) Cauliflower sinangag (garlic rice) – Steamed cauliflower ground up in a food processor looks like rice! Tried it in sinangag but would definitely add soy sauce (or coconut aminos) next time – the cauliflower taste proved too much for the kids – and make cauliflower fried “rice” instead.

2) Cocoa “tabliya” (tablets) – Pure unadulterated cocoa, shaped like large coins. IMG_8441crop-3A - CopyPRBesides Milo, this was our favorite hot chocolate drink growing up. Most brands have whey in it, and taste awful, but this doesn’t – bought in the Philippines, this pack was unearthed from the back of our pantry. Yey! (Would love to find a place to buy this brand in the U.S!)

3) Sweet potato noodles – DSC_0972crop2A-3 - CopyPRSpiralized a sweet potato for the first time and sauteed it in butter. Yum!

4) Sinangag-stuffed grape leaves  Using wild grape leaves foraged from the previous week, the plan was to make dolmas. But we lacked ingredients so it ended up more like stuffed sinangag (garlic rice) grape leaves – delicious!

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Foodie Quest: Week 3

Because Pinoys are foodies – and we hope our kids will be, too! 😉

Discoveries of the Week:

1) Coconut aminos  – Finally tried it! The Paleo alternative to soy sauce – sweeter and less salty, with no coconut taste at all. Easily accepted by kids.

2) Avocado in “smoothies”, mango in milkshakes – I generally don’t like sneaking in disguised food but just had to try for health’s sake. Kids noticed anyway and still loved both!

3) Foraging – We went on a hike and came home with edible plants. Talk about real food!

4) Spiral slicer – I wished for a mandoline slicer for Mothers’ Day and got this instead. Happy mom indeed! 😉DSC_0940crop-22BB - CopyPR

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Foodie Quest: Week 2

Because Pinoys are foodies – and we hope our kids will be, too! 😉

Our Discoveries of the Week:

1) Bacon grease – I’ve been cooking bacon in the microwave for convenience – quicker and didn’t leave a panful of grease to dispose of. But cooking in the pan precisely left us quite a bit of yummy bacon grease for Paleo cooking of eggs, etc. Yum!

2) Almond milk – Our kids don’t like almond milk – yet – but drank it up in their favorite berry shake. Yey!

3) No-mix pork sinigang – Using lemon for the first time instead of the usual sinigang mix resulted in the same yummy comfort food – our kids didn’t even notice!

4) The perfect Pavlova – finally! 🙂 

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All Things Coconut

Often on our childhood road trips back home, we would stop for a snack – but not at your typical rest stops, for there were none back then.

As we traveled further away from the city, fruit stalls would start appearing by the side of the road. Sometimes, there weren’t even stalls – just people with baskets of freshly-picked fruit like mangoes or lanzones.
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How to Raise a Foodie (or Ten Tips for Raising Foodies)

Back cover of “French Kids Eat Everything”  showing 10 French Food Rules

As mentioned in my previous post, this book changed my life forever in the kitchen: French Kids Eat Everything: How Our Family Moved to France, Cured Picky Eating, Banned Snacking, and Discovered 10 Simple Rules for Raising Happy, Healthy Eaters. True, reading it taught me some tricks to help our kids be more adventurous eaters. But more than that, it helped me understand how my parents were able to get us as children to eat a wide variety of unusual foods back home – almost painlessly. And this understanding gave me the confidence to do the same for ours.

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