Chicken (Manok) or Turkey (Pabo)

I’ve included recipes here that are “Not Necessarily Filipino” – because Pinoys are foodies and love to eat pretty much everything! 😉

Unless otherwise stated, recipes are my own adaptations based on our family’s preferences – feel free to tweak to your own liking.

Kain na! (Let’s eat!)

Chicken or Beef Adobo

A good recipe for introducing adobo to kids. The addition of water dilutes the flavor and can be lessened in time as this dish becomes familiar and liked. Frying the meat is the last step in most adobo recipes – omitted in this recipe, which I find very helpful at dinner rush hour!

Rotisserie Arroz Caldo

This is a tasty way to jazz up leftover rotisserie chicken. Adapted from the Chicken Arroz Caldo recipe in  Philippine Recipes Made Easy. I’ve found peeling and freezing fresh whole ginger very convenient – I just grate what I need when cooking.

Turkey Chili (Not necessarily Filipino)

This is our modified version of the (beef) Chili recipe from my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. This is essentially a double recipe, so use half the recipe, if desired.

Turkey Meatballs (Not necessarily Filipino)

Kids love this!

Turkey Picadillo

This was adapted from the Beef Picadillo recipe in  Philippine Recipes Made Easy - served with rice, it is quintessentially Pinoy comfort food in our home.

Turkey Tacos (Not necessarily Filipino)

Serve with taco shells, shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes, shredded cheese, sour cream – and have kids make their own tacos. For a healthier salad version, crumble taco over a bed of lettuce and add other toppings – or omit taco shells completely.

Last updated May 21, 2015


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