Books on Food


  • Araw Sa Palengke – I love this book! The illustrations are adorable, especially the palengke (market) scene, and the story warm and funny at times, giving us a glimpse of a Filipino child going to market with mom. And the ending is priceless. 😉
  • Cora Cooks Pancit – Another sweet book that evokes the warmth of mother’s kitchen and Pinoy family life. Has a pancit recipe at the back – it just might inspire kids to start cooking pancit! 😉
  • Haluhalo Espesyal – A wonderful story book capturing the strong bond between Lola and her apo (grandchild), and Lola’s amazing cooking. Great introduction to a few dishes and snacks that bring back memories…Also has a recipe for halu-halo at the end. Unfortunately out of stock (as of May 2015), but secondhand copies may be available.


  • Memories of Philippine Kitchens – excellent resource on quintessential Filipino cuisine! This book contains the history of Filipino dishes, recipes, and wonderful photos evoking memories of cooking back home.

Last updated: May 19, 2015

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