Asian Style Salmon

Recipe from my friend JoAnn which I modified – this converted one of our kids into loving salmon! 😉


1/4 cup (4 tbsp) of extra virgin olive oil (try coconut oil for Paleo)

1 tbsp sesame oil (omit or use raw cold-pressed sesame oil for Paleo)

2 tbsp soy sauce (or coconut aminos for Paleo)

1/2 entire scallion very thinly sliced (I omit if none on hand)

1-2 tsp of minced garlic

½ – 1 tsp of grated ginger (I pop whole fresh ginger in freezer and just grate when needed)

1 tsp honey or sugar

4 individual salmon fillets


Mix ingredients together in large ziplock and add salmon. Let sit for half hour flipping around every 5 minutes or so.

Line baking pan with foil to make clean up easy. Place salmon pieces evenly spaced and bake on 450 for 13-15 mins – more if thicker than 1/2 inch.

I usually serve this with couscous or rice and fresh/frozen broccoli steamed or boiled.

For a gluten free meal, serve with a side of rice and steamed pea pods. For a carb-free meal, serve with a side of steamed pea pods and a refreshing cucumber salad (thinly sliced cucumbers tossed in either rice wine vinegar or white wine vinegar sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds to garnish.)




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