Fish (Isda)

I’ve included recipes here that are “Not Necessarily Filipino” – because Pinoys are foodies and love to eat pretty much everything! 😉

Unless otherwise stated, recipes are my own adaptations based on our family’s preferences – feel free to tweak to your own liking.

Kain na! (Let’s eat!)


Asian Style Salmon

Recipe from my friend JoAnn which I modified – this converted one of our kids into loving salmon! 😉

Broccoli and Shrimp Pasta (Not Necessarily Filipino)

I combined two of Ina’s recipes – this and this – to come up with a pasta dish that has both veggies AND shrimp, then adjusted seasonings. Our kids LOVE this.

Parmesan Fish Sticks (Not necessarily Filipino)

I adapted Giada de Laurentiis’ recipe here by using cod instead of salmon and adjusting seasonings – hers was way too salty! Kids love this better than processed frozen ones (also too salty) ! Serve with these perfect sweet potato fries for a healthy Fish and Chips meal. 🙂

Tuna Roni Casserole

Not necessarily Filipino, but our mom used to make this even back home and we loved it. Now even her grandkids like it too!

Last updated June 15, 2015

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