Rice, Noodles & Bread (Kanin, Pansit at Tinapay)

I’ve included recipes here that are “Not Necessarily Filipino” – because Pinoys are foodies and love to eat pretty much everything! 😉

Unless otherwise stated, recipes are my own adaptations based on our family’s preferences – feel free to tweak to your own liking.

Kain na! (Let’s eat!)

Broccoli and Shrimp Pasta (Not Necessarily Filipino)

I combined two of Ina’s recipes – this and this – to come up with a pasta dish that has both veggies AND shrimp, then adjusted seasonings. Our kids LOVE this.

Italian Bread Bowls (Not necessarily Filipino)

This is an adaptation of the original recipe here – I used rapid rise yeast to lessen rise time, added more seasoning to the dough and to the loaves while baking. Kids love this as sliced bread or as a soup bowl.

Rotisserie Arroz Caldo

This is a tasty way to jazz up leftover rotisserie chicken. Adapted from the Chicken Arroz Caldo recipe in  Philippine Recipes Made Easy. I’ve found peeling and freezing fresh whole ginger very convenient – I just grate what I need when cooking.

Sinangag (Garlic Fried Rice)

Great way to liven up leftover rice – and also leftover meats, scrambled eggs and veggies. Omit meats to make this vegetarian or just serve as plain garlic fried rice. 

Last updated May 21, 2015

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