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BAYBAYIN – Philippine indigenous script

  • – Christian Cabuay (a.k.a. Kristian Kabuay) developed this website to educate others and propagate the script, as well as his Baybayin-inspired artwork. There is a printable chart of the script as well as tutorials.
  • An Introduction to Baybayin – a 50-page primer on Baybayin by Christian Cabuay
  • Baybayin script – Christian Cabuay’s guide to writing the script. Scroll down for the chart of Baybayin characters and have fun!

CHILDREN’S BOOKS (see also Folk Tales, Customs or Language below)

  • Araw Sa Palengke – I love this book! The illustrations are adorable, especially the palengke (market) scene, and the story warm and funny at times, giving us a glimpse of a Filipino child going to market with mom. And the ending is priceless. 😉
  • Cora Cooks Pancit – Another sweet book that evokes the warmth of mother’s kitchen and Pinoy family life. Has a pancit recipe at the back – it just might inspire kids to start cooking pancit! 😉
    • Haluhalo Espesyal – a wonderful story book capturing the strong bond between Lola and her apo (grandchild), and Lola’s amazing cooking. Great introduction to a few dishes and snacks that bring back memories…Also has a recipe for halu-halo at the end. Unfortunately no longer in print, but maybe secondhand copies available.


DICTIONARY (see also Language)


  • Abadeha: The Philippine Cinderella – the Cinderella tale with a Philippine twist. Somewhat awkwardly written in my opinion, but the beautifully detailed illustrations make it worthwhile. Title page is written in Baybayin. Some parts may be inappropriate for sensitive or younger children (ie. people /animal treated cruelly), best for ages 8 or 9+.
  • Once In The First Times: Folk Tales From The Philippines – a compilation of short Philippine folk tales, both before and after Spanish colonization. Beautifully written but this reprint is way overpriced. Try finding a secondhand copy of the older version if you don’t mind used books.


  • Memories of Philippine Kitchens – excellent resource on quintessential Filipino cuisine! This book contains the history of Filipino dishes, recipes, and wonderful photos evoking memories of cooking back home.

LANGUAGE (see also Dictionary)

  • Filipino Friends – great illustrated book of Filipino words including those for family members, some customs, food and games, numbers, weather etc. Makes a great gift, too!

Last updated: May 19, 2015

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