Because Pinoys are foodies – and we hope our kids will be, too! 😉

Discoveries of the Week:

IMG_8466auto-crop4 - CopyPR1) Cauliflower sinangag (garlic rice) – Steamed cauliflower ground in food processor looks like rice! Tried it in sinangag but would definitely add soy sauce (or coconut aminos) next time – the cauliflower taste proved too much for the kids – and make cauliflower fried “rice” instead.

2) Cocoa “tabliya” (tablets) – Pure unadulterated cocoa, shaped like large coins. IMG_8441crop-3A - CopyPRBesides Milo, this was our favorite hot chocolate drink growing up. Most brands have whey in it, and taste awful, but this doesn’t – bought in the Philippines, this pack was unearthed from the back of our pantry. Yey! (Would love to find a place to buy this brand in the U.S!)

3) Sweet potato noodles – DSC_0972crop2A-3 - CopyPRSpiralized a sweet potato for the first time and sauteed it in butter. Yum!

4) Sinangag-stuffed grape leaves  Using wild grape leaves foraged from the previous week, the plan was to make dolmas. But we lacked ingredients so it ended up more like stuffed sinangag (garlic rice) grape leaves – delicious!


In addition to our usual fare and prior adventures, here’s a sampling of the other foods we enjoyed this week:

(Items marked with an asterisk* are listed in the “Where to Buy” page for those interested.)

Breakfast (Almusal)

  • IMG_8440crop-4A - CopyPR
    “Tabliya” hot chocolate

    Pinoy comfort breakfast – Sinangag, fried egg, tomato, and tabliya hot chocolate. Ultimate comfort breakfast! (Paleo)

  • Tabliya hot chocolate – Pure cocoa in tablet form that dissolves in boiling water. Despite whisking, some grains still remain – but to me, that is just part of the tabliya experience! Delicious sweetened with sugar or honey (Paleo).
  • Salmon omelet – used some leftover Asian style salmon* in an omelet. Filling and delicious! (Paleo if coconut oil used)

Snacks (Merienda)

  • Popcorn – microwavable package type, not the healthiest snack but yummy. 😉
  • Pine nut hummus* with baby carrots* and wheat thins* – kid-friendly snack, healthy and delicious(Only carrots are Paleo friendly)

Lunch & Dinner  (Tanghalian at Hapunan)

  • DSC_1036cropA-4 - CopyPRTuna Roni casserole – Added some canned salmon* this time. Even yummier! This is not Paleo friendly but one of our kids absolutely LOVE this comfort food – unfortunately, I haven’t yet come up with a really good substitute!
  • Shake n bake – A quick way to enjoy tasty pork chops, using store-bought breading (not Paleo!). We’ve had problems with mushy breading, so to keep it crunchy on the outside but still moist on the inside, we use a rack to bake chops on, and it comes out perfect! Served with mashed potatoes and baby carrots.
  • Mashed parsnips – Parsnips smell absolutely awful while cooking but taste absolutely heavenly when made into mashed parsnips like mashed potatoes (just use the same recipe for potatoes – try substituting almond milk for Paleo). BUT, it’s even yummier than mashed potatoes! I first introduced it to the kids in egg cups with egg spoons, and they still like it served that way. 😉

    IMG_8463auto-3 - CopyPR
    Mashed parsnips
  • TurIMG_8465auto-crop3 - CopyPRkey* chili – Another favorite comfort food for the kids. It would be Paleo friendly without the beans – but wouldn’t be the same! Most of the kids love it with the beans. Served with rice and grapes for dessert.
  • Everything lettuce – One of our kids was experimenting with eating lettuce in her meal rather than separately as a salad. So it went into nuggets and rice, chili and rice. I package some chili in a lettuce wrap and it was yummy too!

Kain na! Let’s eat! 😉


*Where to Buy


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